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China LED display | six key points


Jargon LED display more, just contact LED counterparts often do not know-what they mean, I put together the following explanation of related terms to help you understand the principles of LED products.

china led display

1. LED brightness

General brightness light-emitting diode emitting intensity (LuminousIntensity) said that the unit is candela cd; 1000ucd (micro candela) = 1mcd (milli candela), 1000mcd = 1cd Indoor single LED light intensity is generally 500ucd-50mcd, and outdoors. with a single LED light intensity should generally be 100mcd-1000mcd, 1000mcd even more.

2. LED pixel module
LED arranged in a matrix or strokes, prefabricated modules into a standard-size indoor LED display are commonly used 8 * 8 pixel block, 8 characters 7 digital modules. Outdoor display pixel module has 4 * 48 * 88 * 16 pixels and other specifications. Outdoor display pixel module because of its use for each pixel is composed of more than two LED tubes composed, it is also known as a set of modules which bundle.

3. the pixel with pixel diameter
Each LED display can be individually controlled LED light-emitting unit (point) is called a pixel (or pixels). Pixels ∮ diameter refers to the diameter of each pixel in millimeters for indoor display, general a single LED, the shape is round. Indoor display pixel diameter school are common ∮3.0, ∮3.75, ∮5.0, ∮8.0, of which ∮3.75 and ∮5.0 most.

In the outdoor environment, to improve the brightness, increase the line of sight, a pixel containing two or more cluster LED; Since two or more cluster LED is generally not circular, so the outdoor display pixel diameter generally use two average distance between two pixels represent : 1011.5162225.

4. spacing, pixel density and information capacity
Pairwise center pixel pitch LED display or dot pitch (DotPitch); the number of pixels per unit area is called a pixel density; the number per unit area contained within the display is called the information capacity of these three is the essence. describe the same concept: the dot pitch is the distance from the pairwise between pixels to reflect pixel density, dot pitch and the pixel density is the physical properties of the display; information capacity is the pixel density of information-carrying capacity of the number of units.

The smaller the dot pitch, the higher the pixel density, the more information capacity, the closer is suitable viewing distance.

Dot pitch, the lower pixel density, the less information capacity, the farther the distance for viewing.

5. Resolution
LED display pixel ranks number called LED display resolution. Resolution is the amount of pixels of the display, which determines a display of information capacity.

6. LED display
The LED pixel module in accordance with the actual needs of the size of the assembly arranged in a matrix, with a dedicated display driver circuit, DC power supply, software, frameworks and outdoor decoration, constitute an LED display.

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