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1. Suitable for outdoor fixed installation or rental installation, viewing distance is moderate.
2.  Aluminum body, light weight, every square only 37 KG, recognition of slim and lightweight.
3. Precision cabinet, no patchwork installation, humanized design, quick installation, greatly reduced the burden of handling labor.
4. Both sides have reached outdoor protection IP 65, suitable for a variety of outdoor environments, without steel edging, low cost. Unique personalized design, so that the entire screen is simple, elegant and generous, is the preferred choice for customers.
5. Stackable or ceiling installation. Brightness is 6000 cd /Sq. m.
6. Unique mechanical structure design, easy disassemble, a single person is able to disassemble the entire screen.
7. High-definition, high gray scale, high refresh rate.
8. Standard modules and Cabinet Size.

Pixel Pitch

20 mm

Pixel Density(m²)


Pixel Composition

2 R 1 G 1 B

Cabinet Size

960 mm*960 mm*89 mm

Cabinet Resolution

48*48 = 2304

Number of Modules(One Cabinet)

3/3= 9

Cabinet Material


Number of Power(One Cabinet)

5 V/80 A/3

Cabinet Net Weight

39 kg/Sq. m.

Cabinet Gross Weight

49 kg/Sq. m.

Package Size

1040 mm*1140 mm*278 mm


346; 625 nm, 450 mcd


346; 522 nm, 2000 mcd


346; 470 nm, 550 mcd

Module Resolution


Module Size


Module Weight

1.4 kg

Power Consumption (Single Module)

5 V, 95 W


6000 cd /Sq. m.

Gray Level




The Best Viewing Angle

H: 120°, V: 60°

The Best Viewing Distance

15 m ~ 300 m

Scan Mode

Static; Virtual

Refresh Rate (Max)

4000 Hz

Input Voltage

110 V/60 Hz, 220 V/50 Hz;

Max Power Consumption

900 W/Sq. m.

Average Power Consumption

450 W/Sq. m.


50000 h

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity Range

10%RH ~ 90%RH

Front Ingress Protection Index

IP 65

Back Ingress Protection Index

IP 54

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P20 Light Weight Outdoor LED Display