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Brief introduction:

LED Floodlight (LED Downlight) also called Spotlight, projection lamps, spotlights, etc., mainly used for architectural lighting, as well as commercial space lighting, most used for decorative lightening. Circular or square, there are some differences between its appearance and other traditional flood light because of the consideration of heat dissipation.


Currently, 1W high power LED flood light is the most popular product in the market (each LED component is with a high efficiency lens which made of PMMA, its main function is secondary distribute the emitting light from the LED, which is the secondary optics), there are a few companies use 3W or higher power LED because they possess better cooling technology, Suitable for large flood lighting and building lighting.

1. Purity aluminum reflector, most accurate beam and reflect effects.

2. Narrow-angle, wide-angle, asymmetric and other light distribution systems.

3. Replacing light bulbs from the back, maintenance is easy.

4. Easy to adjust illumination angle with scale plate.


LED flood light controlled by the built-in microchip, controller is not a must in some small projects, lights can also be controlled via DMX to achieve gradual transiting, color flashing, random flashing, alternating gradient, light chasing, scanning and other dynamic effects. At present, LED flood light is mainly used in single building, historical buildings exterior lighting, optical transparency in building lighting, indoor local lighting, landscape lighting, billboard, medical facilities, cultural and other specialized lighting, bars, discos and other entertainment atmosphere lighting etc.

Product model


Product dimensions

230×180mm×mm)(Lengths can be selected

Lamp weights


LED quantity


Emitting color

Full color

LED packaging








Angle lens

45°(8°、10°、15°、25°、30°、80°Etc. can be selected

Point count


Input voltage


Rated power


Color types


Gray level


Drive mode

Constant Current Driver

Control mode

Online or Offline

Transmission distance

Sub-control with the last light of a lamp ≥ 150M  Number of lamps 30

Shell material

Tempered glass + aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity

Shell color

Matte silver (Light colors optional)

Operating temperature

-35~ +50

Operating humidity

10%RH ~ 90%RH

Protection class



50000 hours

Control protocol

RDM protocol (fully compatible with DMX512 protocol)

Packing size