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Brief introduction:

Led high-power wash Wall lamp, also known as linear LED Spotlights, etc., because of its elongate shape, it is also called LED line lights, is largely used for architectural lighting and light up the contours of a large building. Its technical parameters are generally similar to LED Spotlights, comparing to the circular structure LED flood light, led bar structure high-power wash Wall lamp’s thermal device is better.


1. Energy saving -- DC drive, ultra-low power consumption, electro-optic power close to 100%. Electricity saved by 70% comparing to traditional incandescent bulbs.

2. Environmental protection -- no UV, IR radiation, no heat, no mercury spill risk.

3. Longevity -- 5-8 million hours, which is 10 times more than traditional incandescent lifespan, light failure less than 1000H5%. Automatic producing, processing with dissipation technology, lifespan is longer.

4. Easy to install -- direct access to civil 220V AC power.

5. Tensile aluminum die-casting lamp stand, anodized surface, acrylic lampshade, with good light transmission and protection against dust and water.

6. Ingress protection grade IP65, high waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and impact resistance.

7. Excellent electrical property, good monochrome and color rendering, color rendering index above 85 percent.


1. Large parks, squares, tourist spot and landscape lighting;

2. Community, plant lighting, lounge, living, and leisure places;

3. Road pavement area lightening.

Product model


Product dimensions

1000×35×48mm×mm×mm)(Lengths can be selected

Lamp weights

1.06 KG

LED quantity


Emitting color

Full color

LED packaging

S M D 5050


625 nm, 1000 mcd


525 nm, 2000 mcd


465 nm, 550 mcd

Angle lens

10°*45°(10°*30°、10°*60°、10°*70°、15°*60°、20°*60°Etc. can be selected

Point count


Input voltage

DC 24 V

Rated power

15 W

Color types


Gray level


Drive mode

Constant Current Driver

Control mode

Online or Offline

Transmission distance

Between sub-control and lighting3 m, between the lamps and lighting3 mOver this distance need to add a repeater, repeater25 m

Shell material

Tempered glass + aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity

Shell color

Matte silver (Light colors optional)

Operating temperature

-35~ +50

Operating humidity

10%RH ~ 90%RH

Protection class

IP 65


50000 hours

Control protocol

Single Wire Protocol SRZ (Serial zero mode)

Packing size


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