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1. LED display, of course, the first consideration is the user site can allow body of the screen area, it is necessary to consider the actual size of the venue, but also consider the viewing angle and viewing distance. Then the impact LED Display Screen Size What are the factors?
(1) LED screen size of the effective line of sight relationship with the actual space;
(2) LED screen pixel size, resolution and the actual origin of the relationship;
(3) The LED display unit as the base of the area size estimation;
(4) LED Display Screen mechanical installation and maintenance of operating space;
(5) Display Screen angles on the impact of distance.

2. LED display playback of user needs what?
(1) Text Display: Text size and differentiate depending on their needs may be;
(2) Normal video display: 320 × 240 dot matrix;
(3) digital standard DVD Show: ≥ 640 × 480 matrix;
(4) Complete computer video: ≥ 800 × 600 matrix;

3. Ambient brightness LED Display Screen For what brightness requirements? General brightness requirements are as follows:
(1) Indoor LED Display:> 800cd / ㎡
(2) semi-indoor LED display:> 2000cd / ㎡
(3) Outdoor LED Display (ride northward):> 4000cd / ㎡
(4) Outdoor LED Display (facing south):> 8000cd / ㎡

4. Red, green and blue on white composition of what kind of brightness requirements?
Red, green, and blue color in the white area is not the same contribution. The fundamental reason is because the human eye retina for different wavelengths of light caused by the different feeling. After a number of experimental tests get the following about proportion, for reference designs:
Simple green and blue brightness ratio: 3:6:1
Precise RGB brightness ratio: 3.0:5.9:1.1

5. Why use high-end full-color display of pure green tube?
LED display in the actual production, should choose high luminous efficiency and they can get rich vibrant color of the three-color LED lamp, so that the triangle in the chromaticity diagram area as possible in the color spectrum and near tongue-shaped curve to meet the rich color and emit enough light and tongue-shaped curve for the 515nm wavelength of light, so high-end LED display selected wavelength close to 515nm pure green light, LED tube, such as choice of 520nm, 525nm or 530nm wavelength light LED lamps.

6. Luminance and dot density in the clear requirements of conditions, how the brightness of a single tube computer?
Calculated as follows: (with two red, one green, and one blue for example)
Red LED Brightness: Brightness (cd) / m ÷ points / m × 0.3 ÷ 2
Green LED Brightness: Brightness (cd) / m ÷ points / m × 0.6
Blue LED Brightness: Brightness (cd) / m ÷ points / m × 0.1
For example: 2500 points per square meter density, 2R1G1B, per square meter brightness requirements of 5000cd / m, then:
Red LED light brightness: 5000 ÷ 2500 × 0.3 ÷ 2 = 0.3
Green LED brightness: 5000 ÷ 2500 × 0.6 ÷ 2 = 1.2
Blue LED brightness: 5000 ÷ 2500 × 0.1 = 0.2
The brightness of each pixel: 0.3 × 2 +1.2 +0.2 = 2.0cd

7. Why should I use DVI LED screen display interface standard?
(1) DVI display card interface is in line with international standards for computer display interface;
(2) without opening the chassis, you can easy to install;
(3) high memory, dynamic screen display capability;
(4) compatible hardware and software capability;
(5) support for all operating systems and application software, display flexibility;
(6) mass production, low cost, easy maintenance.

8. LED display can be controlled with a laptop, why?
Not. Laptop graphics card is built in, can not be achieved with the control system connections.

9. Full color using Nichia tube and the use of domestic pipe in addition to price which is the difference?
(1) die: Nichia die independent production company, domestic pipe is generally used in the U.S. or Taiwanese company die;
(2) Package: Nichia autonomy package, no domestic production plants, domestic tube packaging manufacturers more;
(3) Consistency: the same batch Nichia tube tube core wavelength smaller difference, consistency, consistency homemade pipe relatively poor;
(4) Lifetime: Nichia tube relatively long life, made more serious decay pipe;

10. Indoor full color LED module with SMD LED full color What's the difference?
(1) emitting section: module full-color LED display module is generally yellow-green, pure green module expensive; SMD LED full color general use pure green die;
(2) Display: LED full color pixel module visual sense coarse, low brightness, easy mosaic phenomenon; SMD LED full color consistency is better, higher brightness;
(3) Maintenance: Module LED full color difficult to maintain, the entire module replacement cost is higher; SMD LED full color easy to maintain, can be a single lamp maintenance and replacement;

11. Outdoor LED display can not use surface mount LED, Why?
Not. Outdoor LED display mounting structure demanding outdoor SMD LED unable to adapt to the harsh environment; outdoor LED display brightness higher, and is currently unable to meet SMD LED outdoor screen brightness requirements.

12. Outdoor LED display relatively long production cycle Why?
(A) procurement of raw materials: LED lamp procurement cycle is longer, especially imported die, order cycle takes 4-6 weeks;
(2) complex production process: the need to go through the PCB design, housing production, Glue, adjusting white balance, etc.;
(3) Structural demanding: generally cabinet design, consider the wind, rain, lightning and so on.

13. How to help users select the appropriate LED display?
(1) display needs;
(2) visual distance, perspective is recognized;
(3) Screen resolution requirements;
(4) the requirements of the installation environment;
(5) cost control;

14. LED display aspect ratio is generally much?
Graphic LED display: The displayed content determined; video LED display: typically 4:3 or close to 4:3; ideal ratio of 16:9.

15. A set of LED display control system can control the number of points?
A card communication LED display: monochrome, color 1024 × 64
Communication LED display B card: Monochrome: 896 × 512 color: 896 × 256
DVI-color LED display: 1280 × 768
DVI Full Color LED Display: 1024 × 512

16. LED display installation requirements?
Power requirements: power connection point should be within the Screen Size
220V mains supply, FireWire 0 line ground wire;
380V mains powered, three-wire grounding wire FireWire 10;
Firewire cable wire with 0 same cross-sectional area;
10 kilowatts or more display devices should be added to buck starts.
Communication requirements: communication distance is communication cable length is defined.
To install the display model of the communication cable length standard used to install communication lines.
Prohibit communication lines and power lines in the same line of tube alignment.
Installation requirements: LED display installed around the level, do not allow backward
LED display lifting the lever up and down to the installation
Wall-mounted LED display installed before leaning forward off the hook

Floor LED display installed to add localization support bolts.

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