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What are the common faults about LED display

First, the entire screen jitter
One is LED control card, multimedia card address is incorrect, or the network cable is good pressure, re-adjust or replace. Another, such as the entire screen with a slight jitter phenomenon is due to insufficient power supply LED display, measurable power is normal, if the supply voltage drops below 180V, please adjusted properly, such as LED display power supply voltage is normal, please contact a professional engineer Contact.
Second, no signal output

The reason is LED display control card voltage is not normal, check the network cable is not the correct pressure method, commonly used 568B pressure method, and then the cards to send cards and receiving cards, the voltage to normal, if not enough is the LED display control card The problem, replace.
Third, the local display panel does not light, and subsequently are a long bright line,
One reason to the board does not provide 5V voltage, that is a power failure, you can turn off the screen, measure 5V power supply and GND are shorted. Normal value is usually 15Ω or so, if less than 12Ω can be considered short, find out where the short circuit, if negative value is normal, indicating that the power supply is broken, to be replaced in the
Fourth, full-screen bright line
The reason is LED display control computer crash or power, LED display control card is not power, control of the computer to restart.
Fifth, if the opening screen instantly total gate trip distribution box
One reason for the electronic screen control switch distribution box is too small, the replacement of the control switch, the second is connected to the display 220V line short-circuit, short-circuit check out the place, let it not short-circuit can be.
Sixth, two-line display unit board does not shine
The reason is not normal line pipe 4953, must check and replace.
Seventh, LED full color display failure:
1. If the screen appears all white or Huaping
Approach: (1) Re-install the graphics driver (2) confirm the signal cable is plugged.
2. If the display appears completely black
Check that the power is turned on.
3. If the screen Huaping a region

Check the display behind the flat cable is plugged in reality. Indoor screen appears as a line lit or not lit, the display panel is faulty transistor.

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