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latest LED display common faults and solutions

First, switch the display Note:

1 , off sequence: the opening screen when : first boot, after the opening screen .
When off-screen : first off-screen , after the shutdown . ( First off the computer does not shut the display will cause the screen body with high bright , burning line pipe , serious consequences . )
2 , the switch screen, the interval of time should be greater than 5 minutes .
3 , the computer control software into the project only after the opening screen is energized .
4, to avoid all yellow state in the opening screen , because at this time the impact of the current system maximum .
5, to avoid runaway state in the opening screen , because at this time the impact of the current system maximum .
A computer does not enter the engineering control software and other procedures ;
B computer is not powered ;
C control some of the power is not turned on .
6 . Computer systems live shell , not the opening screen .
7 . Ambient temperature is too high or bad cooling conditions should be careful not to open the screen for a long time .
8 . Display line appears very bright part of the body , should pay attention to timely off-screen , too long in this state, the opening screen .
9 . Often display power switch trip , should be checked in the screen body or replace the power switch.
10 . Securely attached at periodic inspection situation . If loosening, pay attention to timely adjust and re- hanging pieces of reinforcement or update .
11 . According display body , the control part their environment , avoid insect bites , as necessary, place anti- poison .

Second, the control portion changes , change Notes
1 . Computer control part of power line zero, the fire can not reverse, should be strictly according to the original position plug . If peripheral After connecting , you should test chassis is live .
2 . Mobile computer and other control devices, you should first check the connection before the power line , control panel without loosening .
3 . Can not tamper with communication lines, flat connection line position, length .
4 . Move found after a short circuit, tripping , burning line , smoke and other abnormalities appear , should not be repeated power test , should be promptly find the problem.

Third, the software operation precautions
A software backup : WIN95, WIN98, applications, software installation program database.
2 master installation methods , raw data recovery, backup .
3 master control parameter settings, modifications to the underlying data preset
4 skilled use of programs, operating and editing.
5 regularly check for viruses , remove extraneous data
Six part-time staff , do not operate the software system .
Common faults and approach ☆ ☆
1 . Display does not show :
A: Check the power supply situation Screen with test pencil or multimeter detection switch connected with the electrical terminal has power. Switch may be a problem , or short-term .
B: For synchronization with the computer 's display , first check whether the computer into hibernation ; if they go into hibernation , first enter the "Control Panel ", click " Power Management" , the " system waits " and " Turn off monitor " option to select "From no " option, so the computer does not sleep , the display can work ; if not sleep , you can open the case to see whether the control card and communication cables plugged solid, check the communication cable is disconnected. Basically solve the above problems.
2 . Show file incomplete or wrong position :
A: First, check the software in the " Display Position " and " Screen Size" parameter to the installation engineer is consistent , if not remember , you can count on to look at the screen body length and width of the pixel points " screen body size " OK , you can point to the screen body area displayed how it differs , then back to the computer , a further adjustment until the position match so far.
B: If the display is not a comprehensive inspection done by file size and screen body of the " Screen Size" consistent .
C: open the case to check whether the card down on the control conductor .
3 : Communication Communication is not on display :
A: Check whether the parameters of the software and installation engineers to consensus.
B: Check the serial port is connected securely , communication cable is disconnected places .
4 . Display screen jitter, a bar :
Check the connection of the computer ground is loose, or the communication cable is loose.