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1. Quality Assurance
My company: "Customer satisfaction is our aim, continuous improvement is our pursuit, the product quality is our lifeline, the international leader is our goal" business philosophy, to provide the following to all our customers a full range of services, and in this process, continue to improve our quality of service and customer satisfaction.

2. Pre-sale services
Formally signed a contract with the customer before, according to the customer's actual situation, to provide customers with the best project needs analysis and project planning in the project contract officially confirmed, the customer's needs and characteristics of our products are combined in the design the maximum to meet customer demand.

3. service
A. warranty period:
My company on the LED screen provides one year from the date of acceptance of free warranty service. During the warranty period, for all due to the quality or the installation process induced failures, our company will provide free repair and parts replacement services.
During the warranty period, our company will arrange technical staff twice a year to the installation site of LED screen repair and maintenance.
B. warranty period:
My company outside the warranty period of the LED screen that provides lifelong maintenance paid in accordance with relevant state regulations to charge for parts and maintenance expenses working hours, fees and travel expenses.

4. Service policy
Meanwhile, the company in the service, the emphasis on "easy", "fast", "time" the three principles, mainly reflected in:
A. Convenience:
Product modular design simplifies maximize the tools you need replacement parts and procedures; My company provides telephone, fax and e-mail contact information around the clock to facilitate customer inquiries.
B. Fast:
The modular design of products, parts repair, replacing, convenient; My company provides a 24-hour hotline online online services and to ensure that customer feedback get a reply in the first time.
C. in a timely manner:
My company provides spare parts, after a failure in a timely manner to provide customers with a replacement part; Our company is equipped with professional maintenance team, the customer can not be resolved failure, after receiving the fault report respond within 12 hours.

After Service:

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